An Integrated Platform for Lifestyle Plans, Coaching & Communications

MBODY360 is a complete health & wellness coaching platform that connects practitioners to their patients and clients in real-time for better results.

With the HIPAA-compliant MBODY360 platform and mobile app, health practitioners gain powerful tools for:

  • “360 Degree” Lifestyle Plans
  • Video & Text Chat
  • Customize Diet, Supplements, Exercise, Meditation, Sleep & More
  • Individual & Group Coaching Tools
  • Engagement, tracking and compliance
  • Monitoring & communications
  • Health & Fitness device integration
  • Real-time data capture & analysis

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Spend Less Time Planning

Library of customizable plans includes Daily Guidelines, Detailed Meal Plans, Recipes, FAQs, Shopping Lists & More.

Spend More Time Connecting

Secure video and chat lets you stay in touch between visits. No need for separate video conferencing software.

Get Better Data for Better Results

Intuitive patient app for Apple and Android. Integration with Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit. Real-time monitoring and measurable outcomes.

Build your Practice and your Brand

MBODY360 saves valuable time while creating better engagement and results - meaning more happy, healthy patients and clients.

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MBODY360 News

Your Practice, Your Patients, Your Brand!

The power of MBody360’s entire platform is now available to practitioners with their own branded mobile experience is now available.

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MBODY360 Partners with Ortho Molecular Products

MBODY360 partners with Ortho Molecular Products in bringing together Core Restore, a seven-day diet, lifestyle, and nutrient program, with the MBODY360 mobile coaching app.

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Personalized Supplement Prescribing & Tracking

Now you can add a personalized supplement plan for any patient or client, deliver it to via the MBODY360 app, and track and monitor compliance!

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Simplify Your Workflow. Be More Effective. Stress Less.

MBODY360 is easy to set up and use, and enables you to get more done in less time, and get better results for your patients & clients. With our affordable subscription plans, you’ll be able to scale as your practice continues to grow.

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